Industry security standards compliant metro wireless ethernet service up to 100Mbit

Using industry leading wireless technology we can establish a point to point connection from one of our many Michigan Metro antennae locations to your business facility. All links are fully encrypted, customer exclusive, and meet the required standards for HIPAA, FIPS, and PCI compliance unlike available broadband services.

  • check_box Metro Wireless Internet Service from 3Mbit to 100Mbit

  • check_box Asynchronous (matched) upload and download speeds

  • check_box Point-to-Point encrypted, private connection to central office

  • check_box Service Legal Agreement (SLA) uptime guarantee 99.99%

  • check_box No dependance on antiquated wire connection to your facility

  • check_box T1 circuits available to customers ourside of Metro Wireless Ethernet range

Our team of wireless specialists will analyze your building for available coverage, and once certified will install a non-roof penetrating mount to house the point-to-point antennae. Outdoor rated burial grade shielded network cable will be extended from the antennae location directly to your equipment room, no demarc extension necessary.

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